Donna Harris


After graduating from the WSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Donna worked practicing small animal medicine, eventually owning her own practice. She looked after any animal that could fit through the door, including cats, dogs, goats and lambs, pet birds, pocket pets, and the occasional pet snake or lizard, and once, a pet tarantula! After retiring with several decades of practice behind her, she became an advocate for wild animals which have no voice for their own care and protection. She belonged to a mule deer advocacy group in Central Oregon and later began advocating for carnivore predators. She is currently on the Advisory Board for the national non-profit, Predator Defense. Donna joined Wolf Welcome Committee soon after it formed, expanding her influence as an advocate for wolves, in preparation for their arrival in Central Oregon. Most recently, Donna has been  appointed by the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners to be one of two Representatives for Coexistence of Wolves/Wolf Conservation on the Wolf Depredation and Financial Compensation Committee.